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Contactia is the automated software application that utilizes email and text to deliver compelling video messages to your customers, prospects, clients, members, employees — anyone you want to move to action with the power of media.


Your Warm Market Is Our Wheelhouse

You work hard to get new customers, and Contactia works even harder to help you keep them. That’s why we focus on quality and not quantity to help inform, educate and sell the audience you already have.

If you want to tell more of your story to an uncommitted sales prospect, alert existing clients about a new product or service or conduct ongoing employee training sessions, Contactia meets the need. We can even follow up with an automated satisfaction survey to help keep you and your team on top of your game.

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State of the Art Technology

We spent millions on strategic media-driven marketing technology, so you don’t have to. No matter your industry or focus, Contactia’s business-building and branding software solution can be fully customized and branded to meet your specific needs and achieve your objectives without the expense of creating your own sales and customer communication software.

Real People. Real Results.

Unlike traditional DIY bulk email platforms, Contactia has a full-time design and management team to help customize your platform and administrate your campaign. Yes, it costs a little more, but quality usually does and since our success will be measured on your success, we need to do all we can to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Media That Drives Response

A video no one watches is worthless

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video that says just the right thing delivered to the right audience at the right time could be worth millions. Contactia harnesses the storytelling power of video combined with a simple software solution that delivers your video message and tells your story directly to the end user like no other solution can.


Endless Possibilities

Contactia is specifically designed to be fully customizable for any application. Its uses are endless, but here are just a few.

Client/Prospect Contact Platform

Custom Video Information

Interactive Training

Continued Education

 Custom Video Demonstration

 Interactive Testing

 Customer Satisfaction

 Event Announcement

 Questionnaires & Surveys

 Client Acquisition

 Client Retention

 Customer Service

Analytics and Accountability

At Contactia, everything we do is custom and accountable. We’ve got the analytics you need to develop the fastest path to success. With our platform, we can quickly build on what works and unload what doesn’t, so we can get real results faster and more efficiently.



The Contactia software application originated in the medical space and quickly evolved as a premier patient education platform for a variety of medical practices, products and procedures. As a result, the platform is HIPPA compliant. You can be confident your data is in good hands.

Contactia Logo


• $2 Million software application
• Customizable for your needs
• Use your video or we’ll create one
• Low customization fee
• Low monthly usage fee
• 5-Star customer support
• No long term obligation


• 30+ years in business and still doing it right
• Exceeding expectations is what we do
• Really cool people doing really cool work
• Computer geeks & creative freaks co-exist
• Really good people doing really good work